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Folding Travel Mat

This innovative travel mat, a compact 9" x 12" x 24" package for easy storage when not in use.  When ready to use, it unfolds to a 24" x 36" pet mat with 2 inches of densified fiber.  Assorted polycotton or upholstered fabrics and colors.  Each section is zippered for ease of filler removal and it's washable.  Full color hang tag.

24" X 36" X 3" High (Open)
9" X 12" X 24" (Closed)

Orthopedic Pet Mat

2 inches of densified fiber matting provides outstanding support for the pet laying on this orthopedic mat.  Assorted designs and colors in upholstered or polycotton fabrics. Zippered outer cover. Washable. Full color hang tag.

19" X 24" X 2.5" High $31.58
25" X 35" X 2.5" High $36.58
36" X 50" X 2.5" High $41.58


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